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I nostri corsi

Bambini, ragazzi,studenti ed adulti, offriamo corsi personalizzati per tutti


Corsi per Bambini

Solo con docenti specializzati e madrelingua i nostri corsi per bambini dai 6 anni in su per una esperienza ludica e divertente


Preparazione Esame

I nostri docenti sono specializzati di offrire il milgiore percorso per raggiungere il tuo obiettivo per IELTS, FCE, CAE ed altre esami


Corsi individuali

Tutti i nostri corsi sono a misura, per qualsiasi obiettivo per qualsiasi settore, cerchiamo sempre di abbinare il giusto esperto per ogni studente


Piccoli Gruppi

Con gruppi di massimo 4 persone, garantiamo la possibilità di parlare , interagire e migliorare in un ambiente sociale e efficace.

perché noi?

Non è il solito corso

Abbiamo sviluppato una metodologia che unisce strumenti multimediali e tradizionali per assicurare un’ottima esperienza di apprendimento.

Più di 15 anni di esperienza a Padova

Un servizio personalizzato, efficace e moderno

Combiniamo metodi nuovi, tecnologia e offriamo un approccio coinvolgente 

I nostri prezzi


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Corso Individuale

30,90 All' Ora (più IVA)
  • Corso Personalizzato
Individual Lesson classroom 3

Corso in Due

16,90 All' Ora (più IVA)
  • Corso equilibrato
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Corso in Gruppo

9,90 All' Ora (più IVA)
  • Corso sociale

Corso Online

26,90 All' Ora (più IVA)
  • corso comodo

Cosa Dicono di Noi

  • The teachers are very professional and prepared, they manage to involve the students with always interesting and interactive lessons. Thanks to Orla who creates an excellent climate in the classroom and always manages to meet the expectations of even the highest level students.

    Luca Morandini Avatar Luca Morandini
    January 12, 2024

    Thank you for the enthusiasm you conveyed in teaching. See you in October

    Miriam Angilè Avatar Miriam Angilè
    June 11, 2024

    Antonella had been a fantastic teacher on my Italian course!

    Khyam Sajid Avatar Khyam Sajid
    May 16, 2024
  • Enjoyable and useful course. Good participation from the group. Helpful and friendly teacher.

    Celestina Zuin Avatar Celestina Zuin
    June 17, 2024

    I have been taking English lessons with Orla for about 3 years, she is an amazing teacher! Extremely well prepared, friendly and sweet, she makes the lessons light but always very clear and complete! My level of English has totally changed with her and I will definitely continue to study it with her.

    Sara Busto Avatar Sara Busto
    June 17, 2024

    A warm and welcoming community for expats looking to improve their Italian. Antonella is a great teacher, with a talent for pairing students at any level and guiding conversations to help build confidence with complex vocabulary and grammar. Prices are very reasonable and Tom (the owner) is a nice guy too! Definitely the best choice in the city for Italian lessons.

    John Last Avatar John Last
    May 16, 2024
  • I took an English course at the Età D'Oro centre. The teacher Tom was very good and with him I learned a lot in a fun and friendly way, not at all tiring and in a friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend it to all over people like me.

    Lelia Gallo Avatar Lelia Gallo
    June 10, 2024

    I got along very well with Professor Tom in the English course even though I am no longer young. His method is simple and profitable. I will definitely continue to the next course too...

    patrizia santinon Avatar patrizia santinon
    June 10, 2024

    Thank you very much Tom. I started studying English again and it was a great experience. You were a professional and nice teacher. You were also able to create a good group of "old" students (Età d'oro pre intermediate group) that followed you with enthusiasm. Happy holidays and I hope we will meet the next year in a new course. Marina Z

    Marina Zuccon Avatar Marina Zuccon
    June 10, 2024
  • Orla is my business English teacher and thanks to her I have achieved several career goals that require more and more language skills. I met Orla thanks to a language program started by my company, and I have never found a more prepared and helpful teacher than her. Thank you!

    Giuseppe Inebria Avatar Giuseppe Inebria
    June 16, 2024

    I follow an English course promoted by the company I work for. Many thanks to Orla for her skill and kindness as a teacher.

    Gabry B. Avatar Gabry B.
    January 11, 2024

    Thanks to all of you! I finally got over my fear of speaking English in public!

    Francesca Maria de Larderel Avatar Francesca Maria de Larderel
    February 8, 2023
  • The lessons are very fun. Trevor is learning Turkish for us. The prices are very ideal. This is the address you need to complete your language education!! By the way the coffees are excellent 🤌

    Kenan Gençdal Avatar Kenan Gençdal
    June 8, 2024

    This year my kids had conversations in English through the Studio Inglese association of Padua and they had a great time, they met Julia, a very nice native speaker teacher from Los Angeles with whom they got along very well. We will definitely resume lessons in September when school resumes Thanks for everything

    Sabrina Bisin Avatar Sabrina Bisin
    June 6, 2024

    Prepared teachers who know how to put even people who are approaching the study of the language for the first time at ease. Punctuality and precision are its distinctive characteristics.

    giulia bosetti Avatar giulia bosetti
    August 3, 2023
  • Studio Inglese is a great little school in the centre of Padova. I’ve been learning Italian twice a week for 5 months with the lovely Antonella. Courses are available individually, in pairs or in small groups and can be tailored to meet your needs and/or wants. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming (they even host parties to bring students from all levels and courses together!). What’s more? It’s affordable! I’m very satisfied with my experience and highly recommend the dedicated teachers at this school.

    Laura Cerminara Avatar Laura Cerminara
    March 14, 2023

    I followed a course held by teacher Orla and I have to thank her for the lessons because they were very useful and fun at the same time. Orla knows how to put you at ease and stimulates conversation in a spontaneous way!

    Ilaria Monfardini Avatar Ilaria Monfardini
    January 31, 2024

    This could be the best language school I have ever attended. Moreover, Trevor and Orla explain everything in a perfect and fun way suitable for all levels. When you come here, you will learn English whether you want to or not! Plus, their coffee is great! 😍😂

    Ömer Şentürk Avatar Ömer Şentürk
    June 7, 2024
  • Grazie per l'entusiasmo che hai trasmesso nrell'insegnare. Ci vediamo ad ottobre

    Miriam Angilè Avatar Miriam Angilè
    June 11, 2024

    Excellent native teachers, super recommended school!

    Vania Zilio Avatar Vania Zilio
    August 4, 2023

    The Italian course is an excellent way to be introduced to the language in your journey to learning Italian. Antonella is extremely patient and talks slowly, whilst happily answering any questions or translations you may have… great course and excited to see where I am at in the future.

    Nick Kavanagh Avatar Nick Kavanagh
    May 16, 2024
  • Great competence and professionalism. A huge thank you to Orla: she is a super teacher. Highly recommended school.

    Alberto Bordignon Avatar Alberto Bordignon
    June 9, 2024

    Excellent experience, all the teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended school!!

    Stella Dorz Avatar Stella Dorz
    April 22, 2024

    Tom Roper is a native speaker teacher with great experience in teaching, punctual, fun and always available. He is a very sensitive and particularly human teacher and this makes you feel at ease. Highly recommended.

    Silvana Scapolo Avatar Silvana Scapolo
    June 10, 2024
  • Tom Roper e’ un insegnante madrelingua con grande esperienza nell’insegnamento, puntuale, divertente e sempre disponibile. E’ un insegnante molto sensibile e particolarmente umano e questo ti fa sentire a tuo agio. Consigliatissimo.

    Silvana Scapolo Avatar Silvana Scapolo
    June 10, 2024

    Thanks to Rosie and Tom.They are very professional trachears. The homeworks and the exercises they give us are various and absolutely no boring. All of us can speak without anxiety and if we need the teachers support us to solve every doubt. I'll continue studi in this school.

    Maria Bellini Avatar Maria Bellini
    January 16, 2024

    I highly recommend this English school! I have had lessons with Orla in recent years, and with Tom in the past. Both excellent teachers!

    Corinne Coli Avatar Corinne Coli
    January 12, 2024
  • I enrolled my 12 year old son in English Study courses. I greatly appreciated the high level quality of the teaching, the flexible and very effective teaching methods with children of this age. The results were visible immediately and my son was very happy to participate in the lessons. I recommend it without a doubt.

    Annalisa Sluga Avatar Annalisa Sluga
    May 2, 2024

    I have done some lessons with different Professor among which John, and I would for sure suggest this school to other people

    Alfonso Gambino Avatar Alfonso Gambino
    February 23, 2023

    Of course in english 🙂 Since 2020 I had the pleasure of attending "Studio Inglese" language school, and I must say that my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The dedication and professionalism of the staff at Studio Inglese are truly commendable, as they go above and beyond to personalize the learning journey based on individual needs. In conclusion, I recommend Studio Inglese to anyone looking to improve their English language skills. Their expertise in personalizing the learning experience (thank you Tom), combined with the outstanding professionalism of instructors (thank you Orla) make this language school a top choice for students of all levels.

    Danilo Maurizio Avatar Danilo Maurizio
    August 7, 2023

I nostri altri servizi

La nostra missione è di offrire un servizio di alta qualità in tutti i settori, da traduzione a corsi aziendali.


Corsi di Lingua

Solo con docenti specializzati e madrelingua i nostri corsi sono sempre a misure per ogni studente e ogni azienda


Laboratori in Lingua

Con i nostri docenti specializzati offriamo un laboratorio per argomenti specifici per tanti settori


Traduzione e Revisione

Con più di 20 anni di esperienza , offriamo traduzione certificata in tante combinazioni linguistiche

Come funziona

I nostri esperti madrelingua hanno esperienza in tanti settori diversi e possono offrire non solo il solito servizio di docente

Test di livello

Creare il percorso

Con un test di livello al inizio, controlliamo anche l'obiettivo

Costo del corso


Con massimo flessibilità offriamo anche pagamento a rate

Il Servizio

Il Servizio

Seguiamo il percorso stabilito con la massima di interattività tra studente/i ed insegnante

Quality Control

Quality Control

Con reporting mensile e feedback tra studente e noi possiamo capire come migliorare il corso

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