Studio Inglese

The Big Grill

The Big Grill: Studio Inglese and The Padova Centre for International Languages end of year BBQ – ‘The Big Grill’. Everyone welcome: students, family and friends.

This is our 5th annual end of year BBQ – The Big Grill. Typically up to 60 people attend so it’s important to make your reservation as soon as possible.

Dinner is a ‘griglata’ with chicken, sausage, ribs and polenta. Of course, if you have a special diet you can get a veggie pizza or alternative. Just let us know in advance.

For some good food, a good laugh and some great conversation why not join us. This year, as usual, will be held at Il Chiosco. Call us for information or write to

We look forward to enjoying a Summer BBQ with you!!

The Big Grill - Studio Inglese end of year BBQ


16 June 2016




20:00 - 23:00